What is Affiliate Marketing?

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New persons always get confused in these two words, “Affiliate Marketing”. I know you have read many of the posts earlier about Affiliate Marketing or may be this is your first post, but you are still confused that what this Affiliate Marketing is. You don’t need to search anymore because you have come to the right place. Many bloggers explain these types of topics in such a complex way that everybody gets confused. But I myself not such type of complex person and believe in simple writing. My one and only intention is to tell people about the things in a more simple way. So let’s get started!!


‘Affiliate Marketing’ is a process to earn money by promoting someone’s products.

Basically, if you want to earn money through ‘Affiliate Marketing’ then we will have to take an example to understand this much more better.

Let’s suppose, you have a good number of visitors on your website or Youtube channel or may be on some social media pages like Facebook, Twitter anything. The only thing that you will need to do is to ask people to buy things through your ‘affiliate link’. And suppose if someone has purchased something through your affiliate link then you’ll get paid some commission for that. This is it. It’s nothing very complex. Just help some companies like Amazon, Flipkart selling their products and you’ll get paid some commission for helping them. It’s as simple as that.


The person who earns money through ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is called as Affiliate Marketer. In simple words, the person who is getting commission for selling others’ products is Affiliate Marketer.

For explaining this, I will be using another interesting example or may be story πŸ˜‰

Here, Amazon and You are involved.

Amazon – Hey, help me in selling my new phone. I will give you 4% commission if you get successful in selling this. This phone’s price is $300 and you will get about $12 if you will help me in selling this.

You – okay, I am very much interested in doing this simple job. It’s very interesting. Because I have a blog over which about 500 people daily come. So major chances are that even 5 people will surely buy it because this phone’s quality is good and price is also good.

Amazon – Wow, that’s great.

You – How should I proceed now?

Amazon – Just join our Affiliate Program first. Then I will give you ‘Affiliate Link’ for that mobile phone.

You – What is this Affiliate Link?

Amazon – If you will post this link on your website, and after that if someone clicked over that link and then purchased that phone, then you will get paid your 4% commission i.e., $12. So basically this is the link which you should post on your blog.

You – okay. Now, I understand. This is very simple process. I will have to post only the affiliate link and simply post it on my blog or I can also send this to my friends. If anyone buys that phone through my affiliate link then I will get 4% commission every time. Happy to listen this πŸ˜€

Amazon – Yes, you are absolutely right. Go ahead!!

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  • Join any affiliate program.
  • Start promoting products via your affiliate links on your website/blog/social media pages.
  • When anyone will buy anything through your affiliate link then you’ll get paid some commission.
  • Here you go πŸ™‚


It depends on how many visitors come on your website. If you are getting more visitors then chances of selling through your affiliate link is more and earning will also be more and vice versa.

TIP: Always put niche specific ads/affiliate products over your website. In simple words, for example, if your website is about clothing then you can use Clothing ads over your website. Only you know that which type of audience you are getting on your website/blog. So just use niche specific ads.

Hope you enjoyed this post and understood the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing. Thank you for reading my post!!

I wish you all the best for your new business of Affiliate Marketing.



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