Are You A Victim Of Technology?

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2018)

Are You A Victim Of Technology? We should ask ourselves these important questions: “Are we the slaves of modern technology?”; “ Are we forgetting those important things which actually makes us human?”; “Are we changing an important human life into a robotic life?”; “Are we spending more time with our cell phones than our loved ones?” and “Do we really need a change in our self otherwise our future is not safe?”


Have you ever had a feeling that you are a victim of technology?

No one can disagree with the fact that technology has made our day to day life easy as well as comfortable. Our day starts with checking our phones in the morning and ends with the same. It is hard to focus on work or study without any distractions. Many children spend long hours in playing video games which are nothing but only a celebration of violence. Even if we are out with our family or friends, most of the time we are busy with our cell phones. We have got so used to in communicating by text messages, emails in our day to day lives that we often are not comfortable in talking face to face. So it is better we prefer face to face communication over messaging. We do not even have idea that we are literally becoming technological robots by eliminating human communication and choosing the mechanical ones above it.
Victim of technology

If yes, then there is a great application waiting for you, Go Offline. It is an application that literally allows you to go offline for some time and lets you concentrate and focus on what is truly important. Only with the few taps, you can block all calls, messages, notifications, and alarms for as long as you like to give some quality time for you and your loved ones. You can download this app from here.

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Go offline

How does the app work?

When you select the time period i.e. the time you want to put your phone in the offline mode. It turns your phone ringer and vibration off and also hides the other apps with the on screen timer. If you receive any calls, emails, messages, and notifications in that time period, it keeps it in the background. When the timer gets finished you can simply return back to the missed calls and reply to your important emails and also check all the notifications you got when you were in the offline mode.

Go Offline lets you concentrate and focus on what’s truly important in life. It also helps you in spending some time with yourself because in day-to-day life we are becoming so busy that we don’t spend time with us. Also, we are forgetting our family which is much more important to us. As we are getting prone to a lot of problems like anger management, violent incidents, and arrogant people. This app will help you in tackling with all the problems. Just a few taps and you will lead a happy future.

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