Blogging mistakes every new blogger make

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(Last Updated On: October 12, 2017)

Blogging mistakes every new blogger make:

Are you new to blogging?

This is the stage when you are supposed to make a lot of mistakes. Everyone does!

But then you should know what kind of mistakes you are making.

There is no problem in making mistakes every mistake will teach you something new, but the problem arises when you don’t realize it or don’t want to accept and change.

This post contains the most common mistakes of all that you should avoid and be a better blogger

Common Blogging mistakes every new blogger make:

1. Prioritize Quantity over Quality

You have a new blog, so you’d think you need to build it as fast as possible. This way of thinking is wrong, in a way. Yes, you want to publish content regularly and as often as possible, but the priority shouldn’t be on how many posts you can produce.

You should not post below average posts and hope for appreciation from your readers…

Only Publish article when they are of highest quality

Instead of prioritizing quantity, put more emphasis on quality. You’ll end up with a lower bounce rate, more social shares, and higher authority in your subject matter. The priority should be on publishing consistently, following a set schedule, not on publishing low-quality content for the sake of building your blog presence. Even if it means you only get one article out a week, that’s okay as long as the content is high-quality and valuable.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

    Let’s face this when you are new into blogging and in learning phase, you come across the term keywords and how it works.

    It becomes very hard to resist yourself from using that word frequently in hope of ranking better… But those days are gone…

Search engines are smarter than you think, but you still find blogs that try to trick them. Keyword stuffing is the bad practice of finding your target word(s) you want to rank for and adding them all over your article in ways that aren’t natural. It makes reading your article harder for your human audience, and Google will notice and penalize you for it.

Unfortunately, there are many bloggers out there who think they should focus first on writing for search engines before their audience. This is the wrong approach — in fact, it’s backwards.

  1. No MarketingYes, it is important to write a quality article, but no one will read your masterpiece if they don’t hear about it.
    Pay attention to marketing as much as you pay while creating content.

    Having a killer post is just the half work done, making it visible to the people is also important.

    If you go by the rule of pro blogger, you should spend time and energy 20% in writing and 80% promoting it.

    Fair Enough!

    4. Target Right Audience

    You have been blogging for quite a time now, still you haven’t figured out which type of audience you want to target.

    If you find out the right audience, you will see a higher conversion rate. The reader that comes to your blog will stay there for a longer time than just bouncing back somewhere else.

    Blogging is all about finding that right audience and making content specifically for that audience.

    5. Don’t build Email List

    This is what every blogger should start doing from the very first day, but most of them fails to do.

    There is hype that promoting blog on social media will only bring visitors to one’s site… There is no doubt in that Social Media is a great source of attracting people to your blog.

    But Imagine you have 10K subscribers to your blog and once you hit the publish button, you can hope that at least 5K are going to have a look at it.

    It is an amazing way to get in touch and maintain a good traffic to your blog.

    6. Don’t choose a Niche

    This is very important, if you fail to decide a Niche it will be very hard to take your blog to higher level.

    Most newbie bloggers start with a niche that is already famous in the market without having prior knowledge  about it and then they fail to feed new posts and provide better content than what’s already available.

    So they start posting about something else. In this way the blog attains multiple niche and fails to serve a single purpose and eventually falls into a pit hole.

    Decide your niche and try to be as specific as possible.

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