How to Set Price Alerts on the Products You Love?

How to Set Price Alerts on the Products You Love?
(Last Updated On: October 13, 2018)

Hi everyone, today I am going to share with you a chrome/firefox extension which claims to provide you price alerts and price history of the products you love. In this post, I will give an honest review of this extension.

While writing these lines, I have not even installed it. I thought it would be great if I check it along with writing this post. I will also paste any necessary screenshots if needed. So without any further ado, let’s get started!!

Simple Introduction About Price Guru

So finally, let’s reveal the name of the extension. Its name is Price Guru. It is available both on Chrome and Firefox.

Just after adding the link of Firefox above, I got to know its another name which is Dukaan Babu. It’s good that it has two different names for both Chrome and Firefox. If you are a Firefox user, remember the name Dukaan Babu and if you are a Chrome user, remember the name, Price Guru.

price guru app for saving money in online shopping
price guru app for saving money in online shopping

Features of Price Guru

Let’s check out what features does Price Guru claim to offer. In its website, Price Guru, few features are mentioned there. These are the following:

  1. SAVE MONEY – Save more on shopping.
  2. ALERTS – Get Price Alerts
  3. COUPONS – Coupons available for more than 50 stores across India.
  4. TRACK PRICE – Price Graphs let you decide the right Moment to Shop.
features of price guru to get coupons in online shopping
features of price guru to get coupons in online shopping

Install Plugin

Let’s install the plugin now. You may find the following links useful.

Chrome users -> Click here
Firefox users -> Click here
or you can also go to Chrome Web Store and search for “price guru” there. Simply click on the blue colored ‘Add to Chrome‘ button.

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Then simply click on ‘Add extension‘ button.

After this, new tabs will open. One for saying thank you and the other for showing a simple video on how to use it.

Get Price Alerts on Your Email

Before checking this extension, let’s fill our email first so that we can easily get price alert notifications on our email. Here is how you can do it:

  1. On the right of the top bar, click on the home icon (Price Guru icon)
  2. Then click on the settings icon.

  3. A new tab will be opened. Just click on ‘Sign in with Google‘.

  4. Enter your Google email address.

  5. Enter your password to sign in to your Google account.

  6. Click on the Gmail account. That’s it!!

  7. Your email will be automatically filled as shown below.

How it works?

I have not tested it yet or not even checked how it works. So let’s check together along with writing this article 🙂

Click on the home icon present in the right of the top bar.

  1. Go to Any Store.
    Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra & Snapdeal are available in the quick list.
  2. Open your Favorite Product.
  3. Set a Price Alert.

The above instructions are already given by the plugin as shown above.

Check the Price History of the Product

To check the price history of the product, simply

  1. open any shopping site
  2. open the product whose price history you want to see.
  3. then click on the green button to see the price history of the product.
  4. you can see the price history as shown below.
    On 13 October, it was Rs.254 and now it is Rs.248.

So this way, we can easily check the price history of any product. I have installed it today so it’s not showing price history of all the products and showing this statement:

Sorry this product is not yet Tracked.
Set an Alert in the Toolbar to Track this Product.

Here is the screenshot:

This is maybe I have installed this plugin today. It is possible that after a few days of using, it should be showing the price history largely of all the products. Still, I have contacted them from their website about this issue. They will definitely look into this issue and solve it if it’s any kind of technical problem otherwise we should wait for a few days to see if price history function works well.

Set Price Alert on the Product You Love

Suppose you want a mobile phone, but you want to get it at some kind of deal. You want to get notified whenever there is a deal or sale on it. You will have to visit the website and check the product again and again. It is possible that you miss the sale or offer. It’s better to get a plugin like this which will notify you via your email whenever there is a deal or sale on your product. Let’s see how can we set a price alert on any product.

  1. First, open the product you love.
  2. Then click on the home icon (price guru icon) present at the right of the top bar.
  3. Enter a price at which you want to buy the product.
  4. Click on the bell icon.
  5. That’s it!!

Now you’ll be notified via an email whenever the price of the product reaches your desired price. That’s a great thing. I love this feature very much. Because it saves you time as well as money!! Isn’t it great? Let me know in the comment section. Please don’t forget to share your own experience with all of us in the comment section below and it would be great if you can rate it (1-5 stars) too so that it can help other interested users!! Thank you for being at the end of this post. Make sure you subscribe to my email list below. I’ll be back with a new post very soon. Till then, bye-bye!!

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Price-Guru is a fantastic plugin. It saves you a lot of time and money!! You don’t need to visit your favorite product daily or every hour to see if the price has dropped or not. With this plugin, you can set your desired price at which you want to buy the product and whenever the product reaches that price, you’ll be notified via email. It is as simple as that. With this plugin, you can even view the price history of the product. The best feature that I like is the PRICE ALERTS one. Because it is very useful for me and for those who shop online all the time. I highly recommend this plugin to everyone. Thank you!

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