My Blue Yeti Mic Had Gotten Defective, Here Is What I Did To Fix It!!

My Blue Yeti Mic Had Gotten Defective, Here Is What I Did To Fix It!!
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2018)

Hi everyone, few days ago my blue yeti was not working properly. I do voice overs. So I simply connected my blue yeti mic with my dell laptop, opened the Audacity and started recording the script. But I was seeing those abnormal waves of the audio.

Normally, when we keep the Gain level all the way off then the waves are also small and when we keep the Gain level all the way on (i.e., at center) then the waves are quite high. But that day, the waves were abnormal (very very high). I was panicking at that time. I started searching Google and Youtube to find the solution but I end up finding the below video. It has only problem mentioned and not the solution.

My problem was exactly the same as shown in the above video. My voice was bursting very badly. The waves of my voice were very high that day.

I thought this is the end of this mic journey. Then I opened the Amazon page of Blue Yeti mic. I live in India so I had Amazon India that time. I scrolled to the reviews given by users. There were more good reviews and less bad reviews, but both were there. I scrolled to the bad reviews to see them first. Most of the users were saying that the Blue Yeti Support System is very poor. They don’t even reply to the emails. This is what I read and this is not what I know or think. I don’t know personally that how good or bad is their support service. After reading those reviews, I was panicking more than earlier. There were no hopes because I thought support team will also not help me in my case.

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How I Fixed the Defective Blue Yeti Mic?



One more thing, If you have the same problem with blue yeti mic but you didn’t fix it with the above method but you did fix it with some other easy method then make sure to comment below so that it will definitely help others who are looking for the solution to this same problem.

I really hope you found my solution helpful. If it really helped you then make sure you subscribe to my blog. Simply fill your email below 🙂


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