What is Virtual Reality?

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2018)

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Hello friends, perhaps you have heard the name of virtual reality. If not already heard, then today I am going to tell you about it in simple words. So let’s start and know that after all what is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a state in which we go into an environment that we think is real but it is not real. A fake environment is created around us, which we can experience. So does this fake environment get created automatically? Absolutely not!! It also needs some requirements. So let me tell you that you need a headset for this. There is a place to set phone in this headset. When you watch a 360° video in this phone or play a movie, then you feel like you have gone in that environment. As you move your head right-left and up-down, you can see all the directions of that environment. You feel like real life experience.

Virtual reality can also be experienced in many 3D games. For example, if you have to shoot bullets in a game or have to fight, then only the head shake will not be okay for that. That’s why remote control is used to do such things, so that one person can control the things with his own hands.

The headset used can be cheap or expensive. They just look like glasses on your eyes.

If you want to see something that is not realistic then you can take such experience through virtual reality. As you can travel the space with the help of virtual reality.You can visit any place without even going there.

In the same way, the children are enjoying virtual reality, because the games played are very interesting. It seems like we really are playing those games. Even for running games, different types of machines have come on which, when someone runs away, there is a similar race in the game. Similarly, when we need to rotate the car right-left, then the gear machines have also come to change these directions. Even if you have to take a look inside the water, it can be taken from virtual reality.

So friends, now you must have realized that virtual reality is a unique world that is not real but when we go into it, it seems absolutely real. I hope you like what I told you about virtual reality. Please subscribe us to receive instant notifications about our new posts.


Source: Virtual Reality Times

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