What’s the problem in my gig on Fiverr as no orders are coming?

What’s the problem in my gig on Fiverr as no orders are coming?
(Last Updated On: September 9, 2018)


To get orders daily on your gig, you need at least 50+ reviews on that gig.

And you know, getting even 1 review is very difficult on Fiverr.

But there is 1 absolutely working trick there.

How to Get Orders on Fiverr?

If you will sell your service on cheap, then there are 99% chances that you can get your first order.

Try to increase the number of images like

5 images for $5
10 images for $5
20 images for $5
30 images for $5

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

It should be very attractive so that person will definitely click on the gig and buy it.

One more tip: Only 1 Gig will not help you to get the order. You should make 6 gigs more. I know it takes time to create gigs. But your another 6 gigs can bring you a sale definitely.

The more demandable gig is “I will remove the background from 30 images in Photoshop”

Do something like that.

In starting, you’ll have to work harder & harder.

Daily apply for 10 jobs which you think you can do with perfection. Assure your client that

But once you get your 20 or 50 reviews, then you will get 1+ orders daily for sure.

What to do when you got 20 reviews?

Ans: Increase your rate! After working so hard. After getting 20 reviews, apply for the jobs by going to Selling → Buyer Requests

“I will provide you with 100% satisfaction or else I will refund and cancel the order. My one and only aim is CLIENT SATISFACTION”

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This above thing will attract your client and he/she will definitely order your gig.

This is my PRO TIP that always worked for me.

I have summed up the Fiverr Pro Notes below. Make sure to get your copy absolutely free. Just enter your email address below and get NOTES for only $0

Will be back with another great post!

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